Why Cleantech?

  • Strength in manufacturing and semiconductors attract solar and wind energy companies
  • Portland leads the nation in green buildings and is gaining a reputation in this field of expertiseRecruitment of SolarWorld and Vestas confirm Portland's reputation as a sustainable leader
Total Regional Employment (2006) 9,817
Average Annual Wages $59,000
Employment Growth (2001-06) + 1,212%
Portland Share of Regional Employment (2006) 46%

What does this cluster contribute to the economy?

  • Firms in the solar manufacturing industry are examining the supply chain to determine how to reinvigorate both high-value and high-volume manufacturing in Oregon for supply chain components.

  • Firms in the wind development industry are examining ways to engage Oregon’s metals manufacturing base to begin to manufacture parts and components for wind turbines so that Oregon manufacturing firms can participate in the original manufacturing and maintenance of wind turbines.

  • Firms in the energy efficiency industry are working to identify the most significant impediments and opportunities to Portland developing national competitive advantage in order to capture a disproportionate share of the increase in the size of the energy efficiency market.

  • Oregon’s Business Energy Tax Credit creates an incentive for firms that manufacture renewable energy components to locate in the state.

  • Active and collaborative entrepreneurs.

  • High Tech legacy, including established expertise in semiconductor manufacturing, provides fertile ground for a developing solar industry.

  • Presence of a strong and collaborative metals manufacturing network can lead to synergy with wind energy firms.

  • Developers, architects, builders, and other development-related firms have greater experience utilizing green development practices than firms in other cities

  • Nationally-recognized center for designing, delivering, and evaluating programs to reduce energy consumption within utility service territories

  • Proven community commitment to a spectrum of sustainable policies from land use planning to peak oil energy mandates.

Top PDC Initiatives

What is PDC doing? Why?
Analysis and action plan for each clean tech industry Creating national and perhaps global competitive advantage for the clean tech industries in Portland requires the active engagement of each of the industries. PDC is convening thought-leaders from each industry as a first step in a process to identify opportunities and barriers in each industry and, ultimately, to develop a strategy to exploit opportunities and remove barriers.
Research and development of eco-districts Eco-districts represent the opportunity to merge Portland’s knowledge in green building with its expertise in urban planning in order to get a head start in developing capabilities in a nascent industry that is likely to grow at a rapid rate in a carbon-constrained economy.
Vestas Expansion Project Vestas, the largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world, has established its North American headquarters in Portland. As demand for energy from renewable sources continues to grow and Portland continues to be recognized as a leader in the wind energy development industry, it is important to assist Vestas with the growth of its headquarters office to maintain this base of expertise in Portland.

Portland's Clean Tech Industry
  • Ch2M Hill
  • PECI
  • Solaicx
  • Sera Architects
  • Gerding Edlen
  • Vestas
  • David Evans & Associates
  • SolarWorld
  • Brightworks Northwest
  • Suzlon Wind Energy Corp.
  • Enxco
  • Energy Trust of Oregon
  • SoloPower